Table of Contents

Spring into HTML and CSS
By Molly E. Holzschlag
Pub Date: April 22, 2005
Pages: 336


   Spring into series
    From the Series Editor
      Who Should Read This Book?
      How Is This Book Organized?
      What's Unusual About This Book?
      Where to Get Examples from the Book
      About the Author
      About the Series Editor
   Chapter 1.  Building an HTML Page
      Declaring and Identifying the Document
      Adding the html Element
      The head and title Elements
      The meta Element
      The body Element
      HTML Comments
      Reviewing the Template
      Text Is Next!
   Chapter 2.  Adding Text and Links
      Using Headers Properly
      Adding Paragraphs
      Working with Page Breaks
      Ordered Lists
      Unordered Lists
      Nesting Lists
      Definition Lists
      The Good Old Link
      Email Links
      Intrapage Linking
      Adding Content to the Template
      Wrapping It Up
   Chapter 3.  Adding Images, Media, and Scripts
      The img Element
      Adding width and height Values
      Providing Alternative Text
      Linking the Image
      Linking to an Audio or Video File
      Embedding Files Using the object Element
      But Your Honor, I Object!
      Adding Scripts
      Scripting and Browser Concerns
      Imagine That!
   Chapter 4.  Creating Tables
      The table Element
      Adding a Table Row
      Adding Table Cells
      Adding Table Headers
      Adding a Caption
      Table Summaries
      Spanning Rows
      Spanning Columns
      Combining colspan and rowspan
      Grouping Table Columns: The col Element
      Grouping Table Columns with colgroup
      Grouping Table Rows
      The Table's Set…
   Chapter 5.  Building Forms
      The form Element
      Adding an Input Textbox
      Adding Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
      Preselecting Checked Items
      Using Form Menus
      Working with Text Areas
      Reset and Submit Buttons
      Using a Graphic Submit Button
      Making Forms More Accessible with label
      Grouping Form Fields
      Grouping Menu Items
      Customizing and Advancing Your Forms
      Now That You're Well-Formed…
   Chapter 6.  Working with Frames
      The Power of Three
      Creating a Frameset
      Adding Columns
      Working with Rows
      Combining Columns and Rows
      Margin, Resize, and Scroll Controls
      Naming and Targeting Frames
      Frames Without Frontiers
      Making Frames Accessible with noframes
      Wonderful Inline Frames
      You're Framed!
   Chapter 7.  Using CSS
      CSS Theory Simplified
      Adding Style Inline
      Using Embedded Style
      Creating a Linked Style Sheet
      Importing Style Sheets
      Commenting and Formatting CSS
      Time to Put Your Imagination to Work!
   Chapter 8.  Working with Color and Images Using CSS
      Color and CSS
      Adding Color to Backgrounds
      Spicing Up a Table Using Background Color
      Attaching a Background Graphic
      Controlling How Backgrounds Tile
      Positioning a Background Graphic
      Fixing and Scrolling Background Images
      Making a Background Color Transparent
      CSS Shorthand for Backgrounds
      Having Fun Yet?
   Chapter 9.  Styling Text
      Choosing Fonts
      Applying Font Families to Text
      Sizing Fonts
      Font Weight and Style
      Coloring Text
      Aligning Text
      Text Decoration
      Indenting Text
      Transforming and Varying Text
      Setting Line Height
      Spacing Letters and Words
      Modifying First-Letter and First-Line Text
      Using Shorthand for Font Styles
      Now You're Getting Fancy!
   Chapter 10.  Link Effects, Lists, and Navigation
      Working with Link States
      Modifying Link Styles
      Multiple Link Styles Using Class Selectors
      Styling Links Using Descendant Selectors
      Styling Ordered Lists
      Styling Unordered Lists
      Shorthand CSS for List Styles
      List-Based Vertical Navigation Using Color
      Vertical List Navigation with Image Effects
      Horizontal List-Based Navigation with Color
      Horizontal List Navigation with Images
      Rich Links, Lists, and Navigation
   Chapter 11.  Margins, Borders, and Padding
      Exploring the Box Model
      Using Margins
      Using Negative Margins
      Margin Shorthand
      Styling Borders
      Border Shorthand
      Using Padding
      Padding Shorthand
      Toward Gaining More Control…
   Chapter 12.  Positioning, Floats, and Z-index
      Getting into Position
      Normal Flow
      Containing Blocks
      The Browser Viewport
      Absolute Positioning: To the Root Element
      Absolute Positioning: To Another Block
      Relative Positioning
      Fixed Positioning
      Floating Elements
      Clearing Floats
      Just Like a Pro…
   Chapter 13.  CSS Layouts
      Three Columns with Fixed Flanking Menus
      Three Columns with Masthead and Footer
      Nested Float
      Centered Designs
      Complex Layouts
      Repeat After Me…
   Appendix A.  XHTML 1.0 Annotated Reference
      Key to Element Types: Display
      Key to Element Types: Empty and Non-Empty
   Appendix B.  CSS 2.1 Annotated Reference
      Selectors, Pseudo Classes, and Pseudo Elements
      CSS 2.1 Properties

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