Table of Contents

Stylin' with CSS: A Designer's Guide
By Charles Wyke-Smith
Pub Date: April 26, 2005
Pages: 288


   About the Author
   Chapter 1.  XHTML: Giving Structure to Content
      Sorry, IDWIMIE
      The Times They Are A-Changing
      XHTML and How to Write It
   Chapter 2.  How CSS Works
      The Three Ways to Style Your Document
      Anatomy of a CSS Rule
      Writing CSS Rules
      Targeting Tags Within the Document Hierarchy
      The Cascade
      Rule Declarations
   Chapter 3.  Stylin' Fonts and Text
      Specifying Fonts in CSS
      Exploring Font Families
      Sizing Fonts
      Font Properties
      Text Properties
      Using Font and Text Styles
   Chapter 4.  Positioning Elements
      Understanding the Box Model
      How Big Is a Box?
      The Position Property
      Floating and Clearing
      The Display Property
   Chapter 5.  Basic Page Layout
      A Simple Two-Column Layout
      Three-Column Layout
      Three-Column Layout with Header
      Three-Column Layouts with Float and Clear
   Chapter 6.  Advanced Page Layout
      A Digression on Backgrounds
      Building Full-Length Columns
      A Robust Fluid Layout
      A Template With Negative Margins
   Chapter 7.  Creating Interface Components
      Understanding Lists
      Creating CSS-Based Menus
      Creating Drop-Down Menus
      Making Multiple Level Drop-Downs
      Developing Forms
      Implementing Search
   Chapter 8.  Building Web Sites
      Getting Started With the Snergs Site
      Modifying the Markup
      Cleanup Time
      In Closing . . .
   Appendix. CSS Properties and Values

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